Obara Bar

青森県三沢市中央町2丁目3-31 MOビル2F




Luxurious space of "healing" and "relaxing". Obara Bar is a BAR space for "healing" and "relaxing". Inside the store, you can enjoy a relaxed relaxing Aomori Hiba single plate counter and hundreds of bottled bottles. The lighting that emits soft light will wash away everyday noise and fatigue. You will be able to enjoy the luxurious time that you do not normally enjoy with your five senses.


The interior and tables / chairs are high-quality and high-quality, as they are designed to welcome customers. You will be able to enjoy a rich feeling that you will not normally experience. However, on the other hand, we don't feel nervous and can't be relieved, but sometimes we try to soften our customers so that they can heal gently. In addition, actions such as reaching for bottles and making cocktails should be beautiful. I am trying to serve customers who can enjoy casual feelings.

店舗案内 Information

Orthodox BAR style and casual customer service. A space for those who want to relax in a luxurious atmosphere. This is the obara bar. Please drop in with your heart.

●営業時間 business hours
日~木 20:00 ~ 1:00
金・土 20:00 ~ 3:00
Sun-Thursday 20:00-1:00
Fri / Sat 20:00-3:00

Regular holiday: Irregular holidays

●メニューと料金 Menu and price
チャージ 1,000円
Charge 1,000 yen

カクテル 700円~
ウイスキー 700円~
グラスワイン ASK
ボトルワイン ASK
ビール 700円~
フード 400円~


※Wine and whiskey are not listed on the menu. Please ask the staff for details.
※We accept wine and food as much as possible and make reservations, so please ask the staff.